Tree Trimming Around Hydro Lines

Trimming Trees Around Power Lines

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If there are trees on your property that are growing near or underneath hyrdo lines, it is absolutely essential that you keep them pruned down and away from the live wires.

If left to grow on their own, your tree branches pose a serious safety hazard. If your trees are currently experiencing overgrowth and you have noticed any sparking, burning, or smoking coming from your hydro lines, this is a situation that should be handled immediately to prevent damage to your property and/or people.

If your trees have suffered damage and you have noticed that they are leaning or have been uprooted, this can also be cause for concern as fallen branches and trees also pose a threat to your power lines.

Trees that are overhanging, split, or growing around power lines should also be taken care of at your earliest convenience, as they can and most likely will eventually make contact with the lines and become increasingly dangerous the longer they are left alone.

trimming trees around power lines

Not sure what to do?

If you are unsure of who to contact when it comes to any power line hazards in your area, don’t worry!

If the trees that are growing increasingly close to, or are making contact with the hydro lines are not on your property, it is the power company’s job to remove the offending branches or trees. So you should certainly make contact with them to inform them as soon as you can.

If the branches or trees that are posing a safety risk are located on your property, then you'll have to call a local tree service professional, like Brothers Tree Service Stoney Creek.

Whatever you do, don't attempt it yourself!

Attempting to trim branches along hydro lines on your own can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you are inexperienced when it comes to trimming trees.

It may not seem like a big deal to do it yourself and cut back the canopy or remove limbs, but pruning a tree around hydro lines is a lot riskier than one might realize. Not only are you at risk of electrocution, but trees that are in contact with hydro lines pose a serious fire hazard; especially if there are dead or dying branches as the wood becomes dry and brittle.

Even if you do not make contact with the lines, cutting branches too closely can result in what is known as an “arc flash” where the electricity still travels through a conductor; arc flashes can also occur when tools are in close proximity to active power lines (ladders, clippers, shears, etc.) as metal is a highly conductive material.

A professional arborist will be able to properly plan and execute the removal process, measuring and controlling the way in which your tree and its branches will fall. This ensures nothing will come close to the hydro lines, as arborists require special certification in order to work around live wires and avoid injury and damage to client property and professional equipment.

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