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As a property owner, did you know that having your trees pruned not only keeps the foliage looking neat and tidy, but is also detrimental to maintaining their good health? As trees grow, their crown becomes more dense, this can stop sunlight from permeating their branches and leave your trees increasingly prone to dead and diseased limbs.

While it might not seem like a huge deal to have a few unsightly branches, they can actually pose a safety risk to not just yourself and the rest of the property’s inhabitants, but the community around you as well.

As trees die, their wood can become particularly brittle, this makes it easier for pieces to snap off, or for the tree to topple entirely.

The last thing anyone would want is for a branch to fall on someone and risk injury. By having your trees pruned, you can vastly improve their integrity and decrease the chances of disease.

By thinning out your trees' canopy, you also effectively strengthen them against heavy storms, high winds, and other inclement weather, meaning you can also worry less about any damage being done to your property.

tree pruning in Stoney Creek

Tree trimming techniques

There are several different types of tree trimming techniques that we use. Below, we'll list several techniques so you get an idea of the types of tree pruning services we offer.

Tree thinning: By having your trees thinned, you are essentially removing any dead and/or excess branches; which is highly beneficial in promoting stronger, healthier growth. Tree thinning allows for more sunlight and air to circulate through your trees' canopy, which can greatly decrease the risk of disease and limb death. This technique will also have your trees looking much tidier, making for an even nicer view and curb appeal.

Canopy raising: Canopy raising is a technique that involves removing the lower limbs of a tree. This is done when the branches begin to protrude and obscure the line of sight of passersby, traffic, and workers in the area. Canopy raising is done to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. There could be unintended and unfortunate consequences of allowing dense, low-hanging foliage to flourish. During this process, only the offending branches will be removed, and the removal will be completed in a manner that protects the health and integrity of your trees.

Crown reduction pruning: Crown reduction pruning is a method of pruning the tops of your trees that have become overgrown. Perhaps they are growing too close to power lines, or have outgrown a zone that would be deemed acceptable. By cutting back this overgrowth, you will rid your trees of any branches that are too heavy or overextended. This can help lower your trees' wind resistance, which will, in turn, make them less prone to fallen branches. By removing any long, overlapping, dead, or scraggly looking overgrowth, your trees will look much neater and healthier, and they will continue to grow even stronger.

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