Tree Service Stoney Creek

Brothers Tree Service is a tree care specialist company providing services in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Our skilled arborists can tackle any tree care related project you have.  We care about the trees and properties we work on.  We’re well equipped with chippers and bucket trucks to work on a variety of projects, from tree trimming to tree removal and stump removal.

We offer professional tree services in Stoney Creek, including, but not limited to:

Tree removal

Tree pruning and tree trimming

Arborist report and consultations

Commercial tree services

Brush chipping

Year-round service

Land clearing

Stump removal

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Trees are a vital part of our natural ecosystem, but unfortunately, there are some occasions where they must be removed.  This can be due to the tree becoming infected with a disease, which has spread from another tree.  Sometimes, large tree roots can cause damage to nearby driveways, sidewalks or residential plumbing systems.  Or a storm can damage the tree and cause it to die.  Dead trees will drop their branches over time and then eventually fall down on whatever is around them, without warning!

Our Services

We Are Ash Tree Specialists

Brothers Tree Service has an extensive amount of experience working with ash trees. To learn more about how to identify an ash tree, the emerald ash borer, and ash tree removal, click here.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a common activity performed by Brothers Tree Service. After a tree is removed, the work is not done. The stump still remains and what most people don’t know is that leaving a stump can cause problems down the road. An old stump in your yard might be considered an attractive feature, but it can present hidden dangers. An old tree stump can attract bugs, especially the kinds that like wood, which can eventually spread to your home if it’s nearby. Stumps are also potential hazards on your property, causing people to trip or causing damage to lawnmowers. Believe it or not, an old stump can also cause new tree growth! It’s best to just remove it so you don’t have to worry about any of these potential hazards.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and tree pruning are also important tasks that preserve the overall lifespan of a tree. Pruning removes dead limbs and prevents disease, decay and insects from attacking the rest of the tree. Trimming can also allow more sunlight in, if that’s what you’re trying to achieve, by thinning the canopy at the top of the tree. Ultimately, tree trimming is what we always strive to do, because our mission is to keep your trees healthy and contributing to our clean air!

Brush Chipping

Brush chipping is a very useful service we provide to property owners. Sick of looking at that large pile of brush that’s accumulated in the corner of your yard over the years? Don’t let it keep rotting and attracting pests. Call us and we’ll clear the debris. We’ll bring our large chipper and run your pile through, leaving you useful wood chips you can use in your landscaping design. If you don’t want the chips, no problem, we’ll gladly remove them for you.

Working Around Power Lines

We are experts when it comes time to work around power lines, either when pruning trees or removing trees. If you're not sure who to call when you have a tree service need around hydro lines, click here to learn more.

Tree Service is Hazardous

Tree service is a risky undertaking for an unskilled homeowner. There are many factors involved such as navigating the permit re quirements, to planning how to tackle the job safely, ensuring you have the right equipment for the job (especially if it’s at heights) and then determining what to do with the waste produced by the tree care services. Overall, it’s a job best left to the professionals, who have the right equipment and experience to do the job properly the first time. Our arborists are certified and experienced. Removal and trimming of large trees is a dangerous task. Damage to people or property can result if the proper care is not taken.  So call us at 289-799-4296 or contact us using the form on this website.

Service Areas

Our focus is serving Stoney Creek and East Hamilton in the following neighbourhoods:



Riverdale East

Confederation Park






Cherry Heights




Red Hill

Although we focus on Stoney Creek and the immediate surrounding areas, we'll also serve customers in Hamilton and the West GTA, like Burlington, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga and Etobicoke.

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